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We have become accustomed to having internet in the palm of our hand 24 hours a day and we believe that traveling and excessive costs of data roaming should nat hinder ones ability to stay connected.  MI WIFI is a service which permits you to take a WIFI connection in the palm of your hand the length of Chile without having to change or reprogram ones mobile device or tablet

MIwifi allows for up to six devices to connect freely to the internet at the time allowing a seamless connection to such popular APS as waze, google maps, facebook, whatsApp, skype, snapchat, instagram, e-mail and more.  

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El kit para los vehículos, rent-a-car, furgones, buses y casas rodantes! / works with all vehicles, rent a cars, vans, buses and mobile homes!

Mapa de cobertura  / coverage map (nacional Chile)

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FAQ Frequently asked questions in English

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